Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm Back; I'm Going

Hello again! I see it has been over 4 months since I last wrote. I am inspired to begin again since I now know I will be returning in May to work with the orphans and to start the International Youth Healing Center in Rwanda. Yesterday I attended the "Women Rising in Consciousness" symposium in San Luis Obispo and was definitely privileged to hear Barbara Marx Hubbard. If you do not know her, she started the World Futures Society many years ago and has started many non-profits since. Her latest, at age 81, is the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. She sees a vision of the evolution of humans into co-creators of an intentional environment and reality. This is beyond just community as we now know it, but expands into each person fully expressing their truest being which connects to that of all the others and together manifests a way of living that we cannot fully imagine at this time. This may sound like pie in the sky, but to be in a group of conscious women, hearing her words, the feeling of that expanded reality was palpable, exciting, and inspiring deeply within.

How does that apply to Rwanda? Barbara was describing what is happening, and happened last October, with Project LIGHT Rwanda. The degree may be smaller, but the energy is the same. We are creating the first building blocks for a society that is aware of its interconnectedness, moving beyond the traumas and burdens of the past, empowering each member to be all they are meant to be, and offering space for all to contribute so the whole community not only is sustainable, but grows into whatever serves best. When I returned to California in October, I felt that I was bringing the energy of the people in Rwanda with me, connecting them to my community here. I continue to feel that as I talk about our work to people here and see eyes light up and the desire to serve ignited. Project LIGHT connects students here in the U.S. with the students in Rwanda through exchanged gifts and Skype calls. There are many relatively small groups like ours working in Africa, and each one forms a connection to the home community. We are assembling a web of positive, life-enhancing energetic connections to balance, and I believe eventually surpass, the web of fear, hate and violence.

The team that went to Rwanda in October had met only once on Skype before we "hit the road running." Each of us knew Lori, but not one another. The seamless way in which we offered our individual knowledge and insights to meet the needs of the students and the flow and synergy of creating a program on the spot was beautiful to experience. It was definitely co-creation of a whole healing experience that could not have been imagined in advance. I have full trust that our new team for May with three new members will do the same.

I would like to suggest that each of you open your awareness for opportunities that might stretch you, but touch your heart and excite you. I think we are all being called to become more of who we can be.

Although I have resistance in the past to asking anyone for money, Project LIGHT is teaching me to understand that money is a form of energy that we can offer instead of physical work or other assistance. If you feel inspired by our work, I have created a page in FirstGiving for donations. All donations to Create Global Healing/Project LIGHT received by 3/31/11 will be matched for double value. The link is